Dear Friend of Ohio SIBS,

I was looking forward to reconnecting with so many of you in person at the 2021 Ohio SIBS conference. But as with virtually everything over the last eighteen months, Ohio SIBS had to pivot to accommodate the new realities brought forth by the pandemic.

While the meeting format may differ, the mission of Ohio SIBS has not wavered. As siblings, resilience and perseverance have been part of our daily lives for as long as we can remember. Long before the pandemic, we already knew that we could do hard things, that life is unpredictable, and that plans are always prone to change.

Yet, it feels as though the pandemic has devastated years of progress for our loved ones with developmental disabilities. Finding quality services and direct support professionals has always been a challenge, and now it is even more challenging. We need to dig in even deeper to hold the line on our progress towards greater independence and living options for the people we love and support.

I’m passionate about sibling issues and improving resources available to siblings. Recently, I relocated to my hometown to help family, including my brother John who has lived with a degenerative disease for his entire adult life. The transition has not been smooth, and despite our loving family bond, it has been more complex than I ever imagined. However, I have learned that the ties that bind may falter, but they will never sever.

I am far from unique. Because of increasing life spans and the critical shortage of direct support professionals, an increasing number of brothers and sisters are being called on to be more involved in the lives of their siblings with disabilities. While each family is different, every sibling I encounter wants nothing more than a meaningful and safe life for their brother or sister. Siblings will be in the lives of their brothers and sisters longer than anyone else. They will likely, at times, feel isolation, a need for information, and concerns about the future and care giving issues.

Ohio SIBS has just concluded its “Reconnecting” Annual Conference for Adult Siblings. However, we must continue to stay connected to one another by financially supporting Ohio SIBS. The funds will ensure the necessary support to continue to be a united voice and partner for Ohio’s adult siblings and their families.

Would you please help to expand Ohio SIBS’ reach by committing a gift toward this fundraising campaign? Your financial support will enable continued information, support, and connection for adult siblings in Ohio. Gifts of any amount are welcomed and appreciated. Suggested giving levels include:

Platinum: $750 • Gold: $500 • Silver: $250

Ohio SIBS is a 501(c) 3 organization, so your support is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

With your help, we can meet more of the widespread need to push forward and support siblings in new and powerful ways.





Bridget Gargan

Chief Executive Officer


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